420 Fruit trees to 97 Schools and Community spaces

Feeding the future with fruit trees for schools, community groups and public spaces in Canterbury.

It’s no accident that New Zealand has been internationally recognised as the best place to survive a global societal collapse. Along with our geographical benefits, we’re a society of growers and planters.

We are keeping that alive and well, having already provided more than 420 fruit trees to schools, community groups and public spaces this winter alone.

Edible Canterbury has a vision of ensuring Canterbury has a thriving local food network. By providing fruit trees that will grow, thrive and fruit in public spaces, we’re investing in the future of our region.

We need your help to plant and maintain these trees, educate the next generation, and make more trees available for years to come.

• Trees are provided below cost from local grower
• Planting spaces are checked to ensure trees will thrive and are available to wider community
• Our coordinators work with those who take care of the tree to make sure they know how to look after them, providing healthy, thriving trees that bear fruit for years to come
• Future trees are already in the ground, ready to be passed on to more community groups, creating a thriving local, freely available food network

Help us feed the future and ensure Canterbury has a thriving local food network by donating to our GIVEALITTLE to ensure we can do this again next year.

Find out more about our fruit tree project and how you can be involved on our website:


“So delighted to receive the Greengage and Apricot trees along with our apple trees for START. Two of my absolute favourite fruits. I look forward to years of enjoyment ahead sharing those with clients and staff. Many many thanks.”
– Maggy Tai Rākena, START Trust.”

“Thank you so much for our beautiful fruit trees. They are both lovely looking trees. They are planted in the preschool in beautiful rich looking soil and looking great… I was planning on getting the children to water the new trees today but God has sent rain instead which is all good.”
– Liz Orr, St Peter’s Anglican Preschool