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Whole Kids Foundation

This guide contains 35 lesson plans with activities to engage your students in a fun and educational exploration of fruits, vegetables and healthy eating. A variety of activities are included so you can pick and choose the learning objectives that are appropriate for your students.

What to plant in February

The hottest month of the year is here – with plenty of harvesting to be done, and prepping for cooler months! This bunch of fruit and vegetables are good to plant in Canterbury during February, so they are either ready by the end of the month, or for winter, or grow throughout the year to…

Companion Planting

Companion planting is planting different vegetables closely together for pest control, full use of the soil’s nutrients, and enhanced growth. These plants tend to need similar soil acidity to thrive. The above infographic tells you which companion plants suit vegetables that you’ll be planting in January and February. The plant and companion work in tandem…

Kids Scavenger Hunt and Activity Sheet

If you’re looking for a way to occupy your little ones over the last weeks of summer holidays, bring them down to Otakaro Orchard, on Cambridge Terrace in Christchurch City, and take part in our summer scavenger hunt! Find the plants on the first sheet, and then learn about their purposes in our garden on…

Young Enterprise

  Find the School Garden Resource Pack here.   Inspiring young people to discover their potential in business and in life. Making this happen is what excites us. That’s why we love what we do.

Hungry Bin

Designed and made in New Zealand, hungry bin is a fast and convenient way to compost your food scraps. The innovative design is highly efficient and can process up to 2.0 kilos of waste per day. Hungry bin not only makes fantastic fertiliser and plant food – it looks great too.

Cultivate Christchurch

Growing food and people, in harmony with the ground at our feet and the community around us. Cultivate provides employment training internships with youth aged 16-25 and hosts weekly open days for all to join on Thursdays, from 9am – 4pm (lunch provided at 1pm). Cultivate sells fresh produce to the public on Mondays and…

Soil and Health Association of New Zealand

The Soil & Health Association is the largest membership organisation supporting organic food and farming in New Zealand and one of the oldest organic organisations in the world, established in 1941.We are committed to advocating our maxim “Healthy Soil – Healthy Food – Healthy People” and to creating an organic New Zealand.

Zealandia Horticulture

Zealandia are among New Zealand’s largest suppliers of seedlings and plants. To ensure the best quality, they constantly monitor plant progress using rigorous processes to make sure they produce plants that are consistently strong and healthy. They work closely with commercial growers to provide complete plant supply chain management. This means a consistent supply of…

Kings Seeds

After a thorough process overseen by BioGro NZ, Kings Seeds is NZ’s largest Organically Certified Mail Order Seed Company. Now in 2021, we are on to our 7th year of being organically certified and their organic range has grown to include over 100 varieties and continues to grow and change each year!