A story of Food Resilience across Christchurch

08 February 2019 0 comments

A story of Food Resilience across Christchurch

Storytelling is a big part of my life…
I believe the practice of telling stories is about building relationships and sharing knowledge & love for each other.
Food resilience is about people…it is about how we connect with each other and how we relate to our role within the ecosystem. It invites us to care and be guardians.
I know that the term food resilience is something that is quite abstract or hard to connect to for most of us, and until I got into this work I was the same. Essentially it comes down to any one persons ability to access fresh, healthy and locally produced food on any given day. The way our current food system doesn’t provide food resilience, as we all learnt after the happenings of 2010 &  2011.
Food resilience can look like a lot of different things. It can be growing food in your backyard in raised beds, in the earth or in pots. It could start with herbs and evolve from there. It could also be a community garden or orchard in your neighbourhood, a local fruit and vegetable shop that stocks produce from the region of Canterbury, it also could be your local supermarket opting to stock local food producers!!
We are lucky in Canterbury, with our land and climate, that we have the ability to create abundance. We have the building blocks of passionate people and knowledge passed on from many generations prior. It is now about connecting, weaving and taking steps toward a food resilient future. This video connects us to some of the people in our city that working on this in their way…
It calls our legacy to the forefront. What is the story we will tell our kids about how we invited change into the world?
I invite you to take 4mins to take this in…and then comment & share. Adopting a cultural practice of food as a connector and an expression of care can invite an abundance of joy into our lives.

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