The Addington Farm

Here at The Addington Farm we are all about three things: produce, place and people.
Produce: At our farm we grow veges. Nutrient rich and locally grown produce is the key to a healthy city. Not only are locally grown vegetables tasty and nutritious, they’re also friendlier to our environment than imported or long hauled vegetables.
Place: We believe that everybody, no matter their background, character or identity, deserves a place of belonging. We do our best to be a strong contributing member of Addington, an enterprise that the neighbourhood can be proud of!
People: We believe in people. Our farm is a place where people are nurtured as well as plants. Working the land can help people build confidence and transferable skills to take with them for the rest of their lives.
The Addington Farm is proudly supported by the Christchurch City Council. You can connect with us though our Website or Instagram. We’re at 29 Parlane St , come on over and say Hi!



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