Kaiapoi Food Forest

Community food forest that provides a great location for family outings, events, picnics,learn how to grow food sustainably or to forage for food, we even have a Fruit and Vege stand for those who have surplus food. Our Vision is “Connect, Educate, Nourish and Inspire” we are all about “Growing Food – growing Community”


A food forest and nature does not grow large areas of one plant species. Nature prefers biodiversity, not monocultures! Mixing different types of plant together makes them grow better. It creates a natural synergy that benefits all the plants involved. The plants as a result are more resistant to pests and disease, and are more productive.

The Trust have developed the following ethos to ensure the food forest is enduring – connect, nourish, educate, and inspire. An enduring food forest will be a valuable legacy for the entire Kaiapoi community.

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Website: http://kai.net.nz/

Contact us: brent@kai.net.nz

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