Waiaraki Permaculture Farm

Waiaraki is a seven acre microfarm on the southern bank of te awa o waiaraki, the Eyre River. It’s home to Luke, Kate, and little Ted.


Waiaraki is managed by the simple permaculture tenets of earth care, people care, and fair share (the return of surplus to the earth and people).


Waiaraki started life as a small holding for grazing sheep. It was then purchased by a Christchurch family in 1961 as a holiday property. In 1968, a small hut was constructed in the north-eastern corner of the property near the river. It featured little creature comforts, with the exception of running water, and a basic cooking stove. The hut was much-loved over many long summer holidays.

After an extended period of disuse, the property was purchased by Luke and Kate in May 2017. Luke and Kate set about rebuilding the 30 metre-squared hut into a house with just enough room to fit their son, Ted, and greyhound, Stitch.


Using permaculture design principles, Luke and Kate are transforming the overgrown paddocks into a diverse food forest and market gardens.

They have plans to begin supplying their produce in mid-2019.

The river banks and surrounding paddocks are now home to hundreds of native seedlings, but there are plans to plant hundreds more over the coming years.

Luke and Kate have had lots of help so far from like-minded friends, family, and the Oxford community.

Please get in touch via Facebook chat or email to find out more, or to arrange a visit.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waiaraki/

Contact us: sole.luke@gmail.com

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