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We have a growing community of government funded and private organisations that would love your support. If you would like to be added to our directory, or have a question about Edible Canterbury, get in touch.

Christchurch Community Gardens Association

“Strengthen and nurture existing community gardens, and support new initiatives, in order to build strong communities and encourage these by respecting and fostering human and environmental diversity.” The Canterbury Community Gardens Association is a networking organisation for community gardens, promoting the growth of new and existing initiatives. CCGA is a group of community gardeners and supportive…

Contact us: coordinator@richmondcommunitygarden.co.nz

New Brighton Community Garden

The garden is a hub of activities where volunteers contribute their time in the garden in exchange for good fresh organic vegetables and good company. People of all ages and abilities volunteer and visit, including families, people with disabilities, local schools and people feeling isolated in our community. As well as inspiring and educating people…

Contact us: nbgardens@xtra.co.nz

Find us: On google maps

Richmond Community Gardens

We are a pioneer organisation leading the charge in food resilience, ecological restoration and community engagement in the Red Zone. The Richmond Community Garden came together to re-establish the pre-earthquake vegetable garden next to Avebury house. However, with a dedicated group of volunteers the garden quickly became established and we set our sites on 2…

Contact us: coordinator@richmondcommunitygarden.co.nz

Find us: On google maps

Linwood Community Gardens

We are a community centre with an establish community garden, a Menz shed, a community shed and a community house. The gardens are looked after by a co-ordinator and a diverse group of volunteers of all ages and abilities. The gardens have fruit trees, herb gardens and shared communal vegetable beds and individual allotment gardens…

Contact us: lrcgardens@gmail.com

Find us: On google maps

Project Lyttelton

Project Lyttelton is a grass roots community group that works towards creating a vibrant sustainable community. It has a flat organisational structure, is values based and looks at what is possible rather than what is not working. A lot of what we do is focused around enhancing well being in our community. We run the…

Contact us: office@lyttelton.net.nz

Find us: On google maps

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